Importance of Vaccination & Vaccines Schedule for Your Little Ones

get childhood vaccination from a paediatric clinic in Singapore

Do you know the important role that vaccination play to your babies?

Childhood vaccines are necessary to keep your little one free from sicknesses. These are the crucial years of his or her life, thus it’s just best to provide the most complete vaccination in every applicable age.

Importance of vaccine to your child

#1 Vaccination saves your child’s life

It’s crucial for every person to have a healthy and lively childhood.

One of the factors which can significantly hamper a person’s growth is a childhood disease.

Aside from Polio, some child-related dreadful diseases will lead a little one’s arm to be amputated.

Hearing loss, convulsions, or brain damage might even result out of the diseases which can be preventable in the first place.

You can certainly change your child’s life for the better, and save him or her from having a challenging childhood.

#2 Vaccines strengthen your child’s defense

Did you know there are childhood diseases which are already close to extinction?

This is due to the introduction of the latest vaccines which are applicable to varying ages.

For instance, Polio used to be one of the most feared diseases which can affect children at very young ages. It can lead to paralysis or even death.

The good news is the vaccines are already available for your little one to be safe from the mentioned disease in Singapore.

By getting the prescribed shots, your child will have a much stronger defense system.

#3 Vaccines are safe and effective

Compared to skipping out on vaccines, letting your child undergo shot sessions will be a much better option.

Some of the worst things or side effects of vaccines include allergic reactions, but these can still be treated, compared to the diseases which they’ve prevented.

The trauma, wounding, pain, and difficult experiences related to contracting illnesses can be avoided altogether by simply going to a clinic and having the vaccines administered to your child.

#4 Prevents the Spread of Diseases

As your child becomes immune from deadly sicknesses, you’ll be glad to know how he or she will not be at risk of spreading diseases to other children.

Without the immunity provided by vaccines, your child may be prone to spreading diseases to patients who have weak immune systems.

Being exposed to your child’s condition may be fatal for them as they might encounter long-term complications or even death.

By making your child’s immune system much stronger through vaccines, you are certainly doing a favour to those whom your little one encounters.

There are many other benefits and reasons related to getting childhood vaccinations from a paediatric clinic for your little one in Singapore. By being immune to deadly diseases, your child may also spare you from the heartaches and agonies which a parent or guardian will go through in relation to treating sicknesses.

However, you need to be in the know of which vaccines are best for your child. Make sure he or she will be healthy by checking out the prescribed childhood vaccination per age today:


childhood vaccination chart


Vaccines for Babies At Birth and Year 1

As soon as your child gets born, it would be necessary to get your special one a BCG vaccine. This specific vaccination prevents your child from contracting tuberculosis. At such a young age, your baby’s fragile body needs to be protected and thus, does not need the heavy medications to cure him or her of such a harmful disease.

Your baby will need more vaccines to be safe from various diseases. These include shots to prevent Hepatitis B, Rotavirus, infectious viruses such as bacterium Streptococcus pneumonia, Hepatitis A, Measles, and many more. Understandably, it can be confusing to schedule all the vaccines for your child. This is where your pediatrician’s advice will be helpful. See which few ones are really needed by your baby and be sure to get those.

Childhood Vaccination for Ages 3 and 4

Upon looking at a typical immunisation chart, you’ll find how there are so many medical terms which correspond to the vaccines which your child needs to take.

As he or she gets older however, you’ll find how your child will require much lesser vaccines for protection.

This is due to the fact that the human body has developed its more robust version of an immune system. The crucial years of considering childhood vaccination mostly lies upon the first four weeks after birth, up until 18 months.

For Children at 5 to 6 Years Old

Within these ages, your child will need to take these vaccinations: HepB, DTaP, IPV, Hib and PCV. These respectively protect your little one against Hepatitis B, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, and Influenza Type B among many other diseases. There may be prerequisites for taking such vaccinations, thus it’s best to confirm them with your pediatrician.

At 12 and 15 Years Old

As mentioned earlier, your son’s or daughter’s need for immune protection via vaccinations will diminish over time. By the time he or she approaches the teenage years, it’s a need for him or her to take shots to be protected from Measles, Mumps and Rubella. The Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine would also need to be considered.

At 18 Years Old

During this age, you’ll find how your son or daughter will need to renew the shots he or she took during toddler years. Your child will need to take the DTaP or Paediatric Diptheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis Vaccine. A shot of this will prevent harmful diseases from affecting the health of your son or daughter.

To know better, it’s best to speak with a credible pediatrician to know more about vaccination for children in Singapore. Keep your child safe from harmful and serious diseases, for these crucial years of his or her life is meant for growth and exploration.

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